All Historical Places in Matale District

If you are a historical traveler, Sri Lanka is one of the best destination for you.  Sri Lanka has many amazing historical sites. Among them, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa are the main tourist attractions.

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    Pidurangala Rajamaha Viharaya

    Pidurangala Rajamaha Viharaya is an ancient Buddhist monastery located in the Matale District of Central Province, Sri Lanka. The monastery was built by the King Kashyapa (473-495 CE) to relocate monks who were residing in Sigiriya rock before the construction of the fortress.  Also, it is believed that this monastery has been Read more [...]

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    Enderagala Wana Senasuna

    Enderagala Wana Senasuna is a Buddhist temple in a calm and quiet location in Dambulla in the Matale District of  Sri Lanka. According to the inscription found in the caves, the history of this temple dates back to the 2nd – 1st century B.C. The temple is located beside the Read more [...]

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    Nalanda Gedige

    Nalanda Gedige is a building completely built with stone located in Matale District of Central Province Sri Lanka. The building was estimated to have been constructed between  8th & 10th centuries and has the influence of the Pallava architecture. The building has designed like a Hindu temple. However, the building Read more [...]

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    Sigiriya is one of the best preserved examples which depict the engineering skills of ancient era of Sri Lanka. It is located in Matale district of Central Province, Sri Lanka. Today Sigiriya is one of the UNESCO listed World Heritage Site of Sri Lanka.   External Links World Heritage Read more [...]

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    Aluvihara Rock Cave Temple

    Aluvihara Rock Cave Temple (also called Matale Aluviharaya) is located in Matale district, Central Province of Sri Lanka. It is a Buddhist temple which history dates back to 3rd Century B.C to the reign of King Devanampiyatissa. The temple is the place where Tripitakas, namely Vinaya Pitakaya (Basket of Discipline), Sutta Read more [...]