Tag: Ancient Sri Lanka in Anuradhapura District

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    Avukana Buddha statue

    Avukana Buddha Statue is a great masterpiece of sculpture which explain the competence of artist in ancient Sri Lanka. It is an over 40 feet high Buddha statue carved out of a great granite rock face built during the reign of King Dhatusena (455 Р473 AD). It is located in Read more [...]

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    Vijithapura Rajamaha Viharaya

    Vijithapura Rajamaha Viharaya is an ancient Buddhist temple worshiped by Buddhist all around the country. The temple is located closer to the Kala Wewa in Anuradhapura district of North Central Province, Sri Lanka. You can access this temple through Kekirawa – Galewela road and only about 10km away from the Read more [...]