Tag: Photography in Kandy District

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    Rangala Natural Pool

    This picturesque location became popular over the social media from 2017 onwards. The water body is crystal clear and it is a great place to take colorful photographs.   A lot of local travelers attract to this location as the breathtaking photographs shared in social media. It is in the Rangala village which is Read more [...]

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    Kallebokka Upper Division View Point

    Kallebokka viewpoint is one of the best viewpoints in Sri Lanka which gives 3600  magnificent views of the Kandy, Matale and the beautiful Knuckles Mountain Range.  From the viewpoint, you can also see the Sembuwatta Lake, Huluganga valley, Hunnasgiriya, Makulussa Mountain, and Dumbara Mountain range etc… The viewpoint is located in the highest peak Read more [...]