Spice Gardens in Sri lanka

Sri Lanka has always been famous for its quality spices since time immemorial. According to the historical evidence, the story of Sri Lankan spices dates back to the 14th century.

There are a number of landscaped, cleaned and well-maintained spice gardens where visitors to gain knowledge & experience of the various indigenous spices that are grown in Sri Lanka. These gardens are registered in the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority. The gardens are employed by trained and knowledgeable staff in this field.

Why should you visit Spice Gardens?

From these spice gardens, visitors can get to know about the spices in Sri Lanka and their use. The gardens are quiet and peaceful places to spend time and allow you to see how spices are grown and harvested and produced. Visitor get chance to try out meals prepared with the spices. High-quality spices, traditional remedies and natural cosmetics made with spices are available for purchase at these places.

List of Spice Gardens in Sri Lanka

NameAddressDistrictAGA DivisionPS/MC/UC
International Spice WalkNo. 05, Sappuwattha, Palapthwela, MataleMataleMataleMatale Divisional Secretariat
Paramount 200No. 200, Kawdupella, MataleMataleMataleMatale Divisional Secretariat
Happyland Spice GardenNo.01,Dambulla Road, Kawatayamuna, MataleMataleMataleMatale Divisional Secretariat
Ranweli Spice GardenNo. 99, Kaudupelella, MataleMataleMataleMatale Divisional Secretariat
Kosgoda Spice & Herble GardenNo.777,Galle Road, KosgodaGalleGalleBalapitiya Divisional Secretariat
New Lucky Land Spice GardenKandy Road, HingulaKegalleKegalleMawanella Divisional Secretariat
New All Spice GardenThuntotawatta, Molagoda, KegalleKegalleKegalleKegalle Divisional Secretariat
Luckgrove Spice GardenNo. 28,Palapathwala, MataleMataleMataleMatale Divisional Secretariat
Luckyland-101101, Palapatwela, MataleMataleMataleMatale Divisional Secretariat
Royal 100 Spice And Herbal GardenKawdupelella, MataleMataleMataleMatale Divisional Secretariat
Regent Spice GardenNo. 06, Kirigalpotha, Palapathwala, MataleMataleMataleMatale Divisional Secretariat
Sirilak Spice GardenNo. 50, Kawdupalalla, MataleMataleMataleMatale Divisional Secretariat
Susantha Spice And Herbal GardenNo. 27, Ganethenna, Hingula, MawanellaMataleMataleMawanella Divisional Secretariat
Saffaron Spice GardenNo. 21, Randeniya, Hiriwadunna, KegalleKegalleKegalleKegalle Divisional Secretariat
Surathura Spice & Herbal GardenNo. 03, Thotagamuwa, Palapathwala, MataleMataleMataleMatale Divisional Secretariat
Zorn Spice GardenNo. 50, Randeniya, HiriwadunnaKegalleKegalleKegalle Divisional Secretariat
The Island Spice GrooveNo. 25, Utuwankanda, MawanellaKegalleKegalleMawanella Divisional Secretariat
Arunalu Spice GardenNo. 80, Madawala Ulpatha, MataleMataleMataleMatale Divisional Secretariat
Diana Spice GardenNo. 02, Kirigalpotha, PalapathwelaMataleMataleMatale Divisional Secretariat
96 Delight Spice Garden12 Kade, 30Th Mile Post, Nalanda, MataleMataleMataleMatale Divisional Secretariat
New Paradise Spice GardenNo. 09, Kawudupellela, MataleMataleMataleMatale Divisional Secretariat
New Paradise Spice GardenKandy Colombo Road, Anwarama, MawanellaMataleMataleMawanella Divisional Secretariat
Kandyan Spice GroveNo. 99, Ganetenna, HingulaKegalleKegalleKegalle Divisional Secretariat
Green Valley Spice GardenNo. 28, Anwarama, MawanellaKegalleKegalleMawanella Divisional Secretariat
Highland Spice GardenNo. 25, Koholangwella, Madawella, Ulpotha, MataleMataleYatawatta Pradeshiya SabhaYatawatta Divisional Secretariat
New Nilwala Spice GardenNo. 07, Kirigalpotha, Palapathwela, MataleMataleMataleMatale Divisional Secretariat
Isiwara Ayurvedic VillageNo.15, Upali Watta, Dedulgamuwa, Madawala,Ulpotha, MataleMataleMataleNaula Divisional Secretariat
New Regent Spice And Herbal GardenNo. 6, Uthuwankanda, Mawanella.KegalleKegalleMawanella Divisional Secretariat
Euphoria Spice And Herbal(88)Arunaloka Farm,Madawala Ulpatha,MataleMataleMataleMatale Divisional Secretariat
Greenland Spice GardenNo 01, Anwarama - MawanellaKegalleKegalleMawanella Divisional Secretariat
Heritage Spice And Herbs Garden-No 11No 130,Center Land,Dimbulagamuwa,Madawala,UlpothaMataleMatalePallepola Divisional Secretariat
Grand RegentNo:6 Habarana Road,Inamaluwa,DambullaMataleMataleMatale Divisional Secretariat
New Luckuyana Spice And Herbal GardenNo:200,Randeniya,Hiriwadunna,KegalleKegalleKegalleKegalle Divisional Secretariat
27 Old Village Spice & Herble Garden.Koholanwela,Madawala,Ulpotha,Matale.MataleDambulla Pradeshiya SabhaPallepola Divisional Secretariat
Isiresa Spice Garden273,Sigiriya Road, Moragaswewa,HabaranaPolonnaruwaHingurakgoda Pradeshiya SabhaHingurakgoda Divisional Secretariat
Risiwarana Spice Garden59,Dambulla Road, Kawatayamuna,,MataleMataleMataleMatale Divisional Secretariat

Source: Open Data Portal of Sri Lanka

Photo Credit: Terry Feuerborn

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