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    Velaikkara Inscription is an ancient inscription carved on a stone located in the Dalada Maluwa premises of main archaeological site in Polonnaruwa District of North Central Province, Sri Lanka.

    The Velaikkaras rebelled against King Vijayabahu (1055 – 1110 A.D.) in his 30th  year refusing to fight against the Colas and they were punished. It seems that Velaikkaras provided protection to the Temple of Tooth even during the early period of Viajayabahu due to the mention of construction of some building by them around the Temple of Tooth. Perhaps after the rebellion, they were removed beings the guards of the Temple of Tooth. After the death of Vijayabahu, there were several internal struggles and it is very likely that Mugalan Thera decided to engage Velaikkara forces again, for the protection of the Tooth Relic and the Bowl Relic of the Buddha, during the turbulent period. The purpose of this inscription is to give an assurance by the Velaikkara soldiers that they would protect the sacred relics and the properties no matter what happened.

    ~ Department of Archaeology | Ministry of National Heritage ~

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